Qualified Designer
Programmer and Tinkerer
Web Developer

Marius Tippkämper



In our day and age, data is collected in almost every area of life. Whether recording your training progress with a fitness tracker or smartphone or filling databases with customer information at your company - you, too, have large quantities of data at your disposal. With Generative Design, this data is transformed into images by originally developed software. Apart from their asthetic qualities, the images reveal interesting connections that were hidden before.


Functional prototypes are essential for the development of new products. I construct prototypes that already do what your finished product is supposed to do. For that purpose, microcontrollers like the Arduino or even single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi are employed, which can read sensors and control electronic components (e.g. motors, LEDs, etc.) and/or communicate directly with software on a PC or Mac.


Also, in app and software development it is beneficial to simulate the finished product in advance. Whether in Processing (Java), openFrameworks (C++) or through web technologies (HTML, CSS3, JavaScript) - I am giving you the opportunity to test out your own program before it's complete.


You have an original idea but no clue how to realize it? Do you need a robot for your shop-window? Do you want your garage door to open as soon as you're approaching? Would you like to feed your pet automatedly? Are you looking for a new special effect for your model railroad? Nothing is impossible. Just get in touch.


Generative Art