This is where unsorted projects, sketches and mini programs show up sporadically.
Have fun.


Attempt at a simulation of the movements of the drawing robot Botfried by Anna Traskalik based on its physical parameters in the programming language Processing.


App prototype with interactive, animated collages, made in collaboration with Ursula Meyer in the course of the C.A.R.-Camp. The movement of the collage parts are generated by code. By using a low framerate und randomly generated deviations in the positions of the elements, the impression of a live-playing stop-motion animation is produced.


An old photocopier, an old monitor and an old overhead projector equal an image machine, which copies a time interval from a live video feed through a mixture of analog and digital technology. Developed or rather thrown together with Steffen Hartwig during and on the "shiny toys"-Festival. Visitors were able to try out the apparatus until the heated roller of the rightly fubar copier lost its teflon coating and laminated itself with the copying paper.

10 million passwords

Graphic generated from 10 million user name/password combinations. The data originates from a leak.


Interaktive Video-Installation. Durch die Entfernung vom Fernseher kann der Betrachter - so, als sei er eine Antenne - verschiedene Verfremdungen des Testbilds steuern.